Creative Commercial Scenario – The future is now

Creative Commercial Scenario – The future is now

December 19, 2020 0 By Reklam Dedektifi

Creative Commercial Scenario: A Future Concept Car

Imagine a future concept car is crusing in the streets of NYC (or choose what suits you best). Just after you see the car, it takes you inside the car where you also amazed by the interior design, the technology embedded in the counsel, and the diriver. He is very cool looking middle-aged man fully dressed in leather clothes. He is enjoying the ride with a sign of confidence on his face. Then it takes you once again outside the car, and you see the car in a very busy street. Here comes the scene… (slow motion here) Everyone in that busy street stop and slowly turn to stare at the car…Guess what all of them are robots!!!! Perfectly crafted much human like but robots!!!

Creative slogan

“Look the future is now. ….(brand and name follows).